Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bishop Tom Wright Ignores Beginning of Schism!

The moment I saw the headline of Bishop Wright’s latest Times op-ed: “The Americans know this will end in schism” I wanted to disagree vehemently.

Not for any particularly intelligent reason, mind you, since I am after all an Orthodox Conservative leader, but simply because anyone as well travelled as he is should be well aware the schism at the very latest began last December, which the point at which little Bobby likes to consider his sect’s birthday. Where on earth is the prophetic gift in saying something is going to end up a certain way when it was already well and truly there seven months ago? On this basis Bishop N.T. is going to have to seriously lift his game before I’ll take his racing tips seriously, that’s for certain.

Yet then to my horror I stumbled across a most intelligent review of +Durham’s piece, written by a young man named Scott Gunn who has the kind of perception that would probably get him killed were he a Priest in big Pete Akinola’s church. And wouldn’t you just know it: he also considers Bishop Wright completely mistaken – although in his case that’s as a result of having systematically analysed the work, not because he appreciates the important Conservative axiom of disagreeing with anyone or thing you don’t understand.

Can you see my dilemma, Beloved Wicked Sinners? It would never do for me to seen agreeing with someone whose evaluation of another’s essay has actually involved thought and insight. What would happen to mindless bigotry and unreasoning prejudice if everyone started thinking like that? Who would be left to post at Viagraville? Consequently I was left with no choice but to perform a complete about face and agree wholeheartedly with Bishop Wright.

Which was, of course, no problem for any GAFCON leader: the ability to perform a seamless reversal of one’s position is essential if one is going to routinely cite Old Testament verses as immutable whilst at the same time enjoying a plate of shrimp or ribs as much as the next non-Israelite. Consequently I’d now like it to be an indisputable matter of record that Bishop Wright is perfectly correct: this will all end in schism. He just doesn’t realise the schism in question will involve whether or not Bobby lets little Martyn Minns where the big hat in five years time. And how those who don’t share +Wright’s view on women in ministry will remain in fellowship with those who don’t.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Rick+ said...

     Scott's rebuttal was extremely well-written! So, well done, Fr. C.! Your necessary reversal is worthy of an acrobat in the Cirque de Soleil!

Anonymous said...

My Bishop will be grateful that he has your support, Father. I shall tell him if he is ever in England. What puzzles me is how he can describe the gay and lesbian clergy in his Diocese as a "modernist fiction". Since they really exist, is it not time for Durham to be flung out of the Anglican Communion?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Modernist Fiction? Kinda puts fresh wind in the old sails...I wonder where +Durham spent his life...just what hole did he have his head up? Fictional, indeed...does he realize REALITY is different than PRETEND!

When do these windbags get down to the business of TRUTH? I realize that Orombi and Akinola and various other grandstanding buzzards cause REAL harm to their fellow Anglicans/others with their stupidities and fears...crimes against humanity aren't as popular as they once matter how sweetly covered in selective versions of ill-translated Scriptural crap...these guys and their tainted messages will have the same fate as hula-hoops, slave traders and Pet Rocks!

Anonymous said...

We already have schism, or so asserted the CANA attorneys in the Falls Church litigation. One "branch" of the communion led by +Cantuar and one led by +Akinola. Since, for the CANA argument to work, they had to be mutually exclusive, the judge bought it, do we now have 3 branches of the "communion"? Can Bishop Wright advise or you Fr. Troll? I am kind of ignorant here and would appreciate a response from my betters?