Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Archbishop Williams' Wisdom

As Lambeth continues to roll on, the Archbishop of Canterbury has made a plea for everyone to understand that in tolerating (or worse, listening to) homosexuals Western Churches have placed believers in otherwise stable and peace-loving countries in “literal physical risk”.

Expanding upon this enlightening theme, His Grace continued: “Imagine what it is to be known as the 'gay church' in a context where that spells real contempt and danger.”

He’s quite right of course, since no Western Christian ever faces contempt and danger, and in +Cantaur’s own country nobody has any concept of what it means to live in fear. How dare we risk the lives of Big Pete Akinola’s bodyguards by spoiling their church’s impeccable name, when no person in the west need ever have the slightest concern for their own safety.

What’s more, how dare people think Christianity has anything to do with taking risks by standing alongside the marginalized and rejected. Since when did anyone receive business class tickets to a conference anywhere by doing a crazy thing like that?

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Leonard said...

Naw, I understand the tendency to reach out to the damned, persecuted and demoralized but when it comes to personally being "demonized" for the very acts of love promoting Godly good-will and discipline toward other Christians, albeit messy, "lower than pig" ones. I think we ought pause and think of where we can become better Evangelistas without damaging our outreach program amongst others by hanging around with "queers"...outside of a massacre or two, Big Pete's record for defending Anglican Integrity at Church ought never be questioned as he prefers to threaten and then throw "hooligans" in the slammer for five years.

Leonard said...

BTW, the above note was written by Archdeacon Vivian Smolderlips as her/his computer crashed during a most recent hysteria attack...he/she is using mine and I don't want anyone to think I'm allowing just anyone to play-around on my keyboard when using my ID.