Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bishop Duncan Recants.

Today finds me deeply disappointed: Bishop Bobby Duncan and his faithful friends at the Common Cause Partnership have removed Saddleback Community Church from theirlist of faithful Anglican parishes in California. Evangelical Eric says I should be proud, since this shows how much attention the CCP fellows pay to my words, but I find myself unable to share in his joy.

This is because I know that for the true GAFCON man there’s nothing more shameful than to backtrack on any claim one makes – regardless of how outlandish it might be. Big Pete Akinola understands this, which is why you never hear him wavering when it comes to his claim that Nigeria is a land of Christian righteousness and harmony to which Bible-believers everywhere else must look up in admiration. Nor do you ever hear Layman Schofield question his own episcopacy, or little Pete Jensen ever stop repeating his claim to actively support women’s ministry.

No; once the true Bible-believer makes an inflated, boastful statement – even one as trivial as claiming an additional 22,000 members – he stands by it, fiercely ridiculing all who dare question him. These dark days are no time to be wishy-washy, and if we’re not careful Duncan’s behaviour could open a floodgate.

The analogy of a “slippery slide” is one that probably hasn’t been used before, but it couldn’t be more appropriate: if we self-proclaimed ‘Orthodox’ Believers start admitting we could be lying about our support base who knows where this honesty could lead? Next we might start questioning our right to keep properties belonging to the Church we’ve left, or to trade off our old Church’s name, or even ask ourselves how we can justify hating and excluding those whom Christ commanded us to love. Indeed, if GAFCON Bishops are going to start letting the truth get in the way of their vision for personal glory we might as well all give up now.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible


Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

I am taking your advice and giving up, Father Troll. I had tried to get a visa to go to Nigeria but was stopped at the border. My non-diplomatic passport and my heavy and frequent use of your name kept me from entering the country. I told them that Big Pete and I were really good friends and that we practically lived together for 4 years but they just did not beleive me. How incredibly disappointing. I then told them I was from the dicoese that "started it all" and I was looking for asylum and you know what they said? Not only did they not know Mr. Schofield nor did they recognize any diocese of San Joaquin but they also said that there were plenty of asylums in the US, use one of them. Well, to make a short story very long, I have decided to follow your advice, I might add Rick Warren would probably never approve, and now I am giving up and will continue to reside in a state of limbo- The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin!

Anonymous said...

Psalm 147 v10
"God does not take pleasure in the legs of a man"
Surely, Dr Troll, this verse is an anti-gay justification for hatred shown so faithfully by GAFCONITES Surely hatred is OK when God does it?
There's nothing wishy-washy about Him!

Leonard said...

Dear Fr.Dr.Troll,

I know we ought be strong but today when reading the 2nd Presidential Address, delivered by the "fallen" Archbishop of Canterbury, to homofanaticos at Lambeth, I felt sorry for him.

Imagine how he is taunted in the press and public throughout the UK (and possibly other islands) and "deomnized"...yes, they are demonizing him and putting him in a catagory alongside, and usually reserved for, LGBT Christians...I can't help but feel good wholesome longings for him to repent, come home to basic decency and insure that the Anglican Communion doesn't merge with the MCC Church...there is still time...don''t look back!

Anonymous said...

I've just received word from Budapest that IF (a very big if) the Gaffconeings survive themselves the ABC is going to merge with the MCC to pick up the slack in plate offerings.

Elvira Gomez-Funderlac Spitz

Leonard said...

Elder Frau Liebervitz of the German-Iranian Church of The Open Door forbids the "demonizing" of The Archbishop of Canterbury except when ridiculing, through prayer/devilyanking, or the welcoming of queers at Church ..."who track in nasty habits and expect us to go along with them" she went on, and on, to say at all female clergy retreat on the island of Lesbos.

Deacon Grechen Ziefield

Leonard said...

I'm sorry, the above news item was meant to be attributed to Deacon Gretchen Ziegfield of Saint Concordias, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Cany said...

Dear Father:

I too am a bit scandalized by the CCP pulling Saddleback/Rick Warren from the Orthodox Anglican list. A man of the closet, perhaps they didn't feel correct in subjecting him to the light of day.

But, as you well know, Rick Warren is a master at PR... he keeps quiet as possible his "real" beliefs and you can be sure any reference to his "real" beliefs he and others attempt to de-Googlize ASAP. Not that they are scandalous or anything. But he does, after all, have a book contract and all.

His Syrian trip didn't go so well among his ilk. But then, I guess they didn't realize he was an Anglican, thus liberal in a relative sense. Boy he caught hell for that, poor chap. I'm sure he could teach them a thing or two about torture and all given he had such nice conversations with the Syrian folks.

As Rick, truly a man of God-like size given the enormity of his church "campus" which I cruised through the other day and almost never found my way out of, has revealed, it is prudent to keep hate confined, but not ignored.

Some would think this dishonest. They are fools. It's alllllll about the money which he is happy to take and throw variously at things of mission. Alongside those that rightfully believe that the gays and what-all belong in jail, or dead, he defends the love of God. Of course, this is the honest man.

It is important to remember that he was the speculative choice as a replacement for Billy Graham. But gosh, him a Baptist? NO!!!!!!

Sure his church gives communion quarterly, but trust me, that is NO indication he is not an Anglican. It's just more practical. Hundreds of acolyte kids are now in a foreign country being trained, in perpetuity, for the job. Can't have mistakes. The Crucifer is on order, but is being hand-arted by someone in a foreign country that only does an art a year. Should be something to see when complete. I hope I live that long.

He has ordered the BCP by the tens of thousands, but given he is choosing to use the 1662 version, this has required hiring thousands and thousands of scribes. Thank heavens for NAFTA otherwise the pay alone to the scribes might be preventative.

And, BTW, I am sure that he wears a collar under those Hawai'ian shirts the press seems to love so much and I hear he looks just divine in purple.

Your faithful servant.

Anonymous said...

He has ordered the BCP by the tens of thousands, but given he is choosing to use the 1662 version, this has required hiring thousands and thousands of scribes. Thank heavens for NAFTA otherwise the pay alone to the scribes might be preventative." canygloria

I'm just say'n that there are a few of them thar villagers down my way that might be gladwill'n to copy them books if they getthemselves in a pinch...let me no and I'll be a round'n them up and they work real longlike days and nights...weekends too if you be want'n be to push for Cristo and you guys...don't worry about the money angle I'll take care of that thar book keep'n...just deposit amounts of under 10 thousand u.s. several times a week until the job is done in my Panamanian account...let me know, I love be'n serviceable.

Mr. Helgood Rush Topple
CPA/NGO Holy Projects Are Us