Thursday, July 17, 2008

Father Christian is Indisposed

Father Christian has been "in conference" with Bishop Quinine for the past day, and he has asked me to let everyone know that he is currently in "important discussions" which cannot be disturbed.

At least that's what he says is happening, although I've no idea why Consuella and the Latina Pole-Dancers Fellowship needed to join them several hours ago, nor why I was suddenly sent to fetch them a case of absinthe. And why it was necessary for Brother Richthofen and his friends to set up turntables and a sound system is entirely beyond me.

I asked Father Christian if he had any message for you all, but he just shouted that everyone should read
Job 12:25 and give thanks for his ministry. And he also insisted that I should end by telling you all this:

I'm Evangelical Eric and I do what I'm told.


Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

"to grope about in unlit darkness,
andtoter like a man in liquor"

My footnotes on this chapter tell me that God is the cause of all things. Rev. Troll, yo uappear to be exonerated!

Leonard said...

Although many, have and will, "jump" to conclusions I wish to restate my concern for private acts of conversion being questioned or snickered about anywhere/ WE all know, Bishop "Whatever It Takes" Quinine, as a Gafconning Priest has had all sorts of experiences with fallen things/people and
and discerning, up close, right from wrongish stuff AND PREACHED about it seems quite appropriate that a small group of entertainers leaping up and down on things/running or otherwise running amuck may wish to appeal for intimate, secret and very private confessions with the Boy's From Brazil/Lake Titicaca, remoted Caribbean death traps and Icabod Springs...there you have the REAL story as liberals, filthy minded ones, hack away with their prostituting of all that is REAL and descent...a honorable bishop/person who was the COVER STORY in a recent addition of CLERGYUNDERGARMENT Magazine!

Shame is in the eye of the beholder...don't bite!

Pierre Wheaton said...

Did he ask you to get the real absinthe which is illegal even in France or the diluted stuff with all of the mystery and little of the kick?

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

I generally perfer to serve the Jamaican Thujone Sun, which thanks to Jamaica's enlightened legal system can be manufactured with a whopping 90mg of wormwood/bottle. To avoid needlessly alarming local enforcement agencies it's best to arrange to have it sent through Customs as "photocopier fluid" for which (in a pinch) it makes a surprisingly good substitute.

Rex Gordan said...

Thujone Sun is a grandious exotic absinthe. Love to drink it without any water in the afternoon.