Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lambeth & Little David Virtue

I’ve spoken before of my great admiration for David Virtue. Yet today the young man has really excelled himself in using a technique which all who would dare stand firm against opposed to Bible Believers like ourselves from rejecting all who refuse to recognise the limits which we have proscribed for God’s love.

David’s technique, which is popular with most GAFCON leaders and can best be described as “stretching the truth till it snaps”, is splendidly illustrated by a list he presents of “Bishops” not attending Lambeth.

It comprises some 272 names, and with breath-taking creativity the dear boy concludes that this crowd constitutes proof that Anglicanism must now be defined by something other than Communion with Canterbury; something which surprisingly incorporates conferences to which he is invited, and a doctrinal formula astonishingly similar to his own.

Yet it’s not just the claim this proves the apostates have been defeated that shines as a Virtuous example of “strategic dishonesty” to be admired, but also the list itself. Of the 272 "Anglicans not at Lambeth", by my count only 207 qualified for an invitation from ++Cantaur. Most of the remaining 65 have as much chance of being invited to Lambeth as they do to a Grand Mormon Convocation in Salt Lake City, and the good elders of Utah are in most cases probably more Anglican. Our little David has inflated his list of non-attendee 'excluded Anglican bishops' by more than 31%!

This kind of mischielf must be replicated in every parish, every pew, and every used-car dealership in the Communion if we're serious about saving the truth. Some of David’s “bishops’ are members of Churches which have never been part of Lambeth. The “We never really supported apartheid” Church of England in South Africa led by Frankie Retief and his friends has been a separate organisation for its entire eighty year history. Which is a drop in the bucket when compared to the four bishops from the Free Church of England, whose forebears separated in 1844! We all know ++Rowan’s short of friends these days, but not even he’s got to dig that far back through his address book to find guests who’ll come to his party.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


MadPriest said...

You praise David without cause. I am extremely disappointed with his list. Personally I would have included the names of every Roman Catholic bishop in the world. Once they were in full communion with Canterbury and therefore Anglicans. But they have maintained their schism from the mother church for nearly 500 years. I am also confused by this omission. I am sure I read somewhere recently that the Roman Catholic church was petitioning FOCAS for readmission into the (true) Anglican fold.

Anonymous said...

His pedigree missed off the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem and Beersheba, so doesn't inlude the Abrahamic Succession and all the world's Jews.

Leonard said...

Recently I was personally solicited for funds, via email, by David was a one-on-one exhange of him asking and me dodging his request (I have more pressing ministries to serve Uganda than anything than he and Henri Orombi might "cook-up" besides, I make it a rule to never donate to poachers and thieves)...I must say he's very gracious in seems he just hasn't been tested yet with the REALLY important self-searching for TRUTH challenge, ah sweet bigotry is so blinding to the soul...besides, who writes all those lavish world-travel expense checks anyway...twasn't me but probably a certain Home Savings and Loan.

Cany said...

Oh Dear Father and madpriest besides! I think you may have (please forgive me) dispensed with the Pope himself who is off roaming the wiles of Austrailia (or was) at the moment in that beastly car looking thingy.

No matter, though. Small exclusion.