Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sudan: The Leading Light of Lambeth

Evangelical Eric has been helping Bishop Quinine regain his faculties by discussing the latest Lambeth developments in depth, and naturally I have closely monitored their conversations. In the course of this I’ve been delighted to learn of the active part being played in the fight for Truth by the Primate of Sudan, Archbishop Bull.

The Sudan is a country I’ve always admired, since while serving there as a missionary my Great-Grandfather established our family fortune by supplying guns to the natives during the Siege of Khartoum. He was later at the Battle of Omdurman with Lord Kitchener, where Great-Grandfather was held in chains after getting caught attempting to repeat his strategic ministry. During the bloody fighting he escaped to South Africa with the help of some friendly Boer Calvinists whom he later betrayed to the British in return for a full pardon.

Consequently hearing Archbishop Bull tell of the marvellous achievements Bible-Believing Christians have made in his harmonious and peaceful land made my heart sing for joy: if only Great-Grandfather Troll were alive to see the fruits of his ministry there today. And if only the Bishop of New Hampshire might heed Archbishop Bull’s call to resign, so that all the Communion could enjoy the same “culture of love, peace and justice now being "propagated" in the Sudan.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Father Christian!

Leonard said...

I weep your version of justice and courage that you have set before us by example of a fine-tuned and well implimented fearless mission(s) for God like your Grandaddy hatched...only if, it's almost too mucho to weep for, that all were called to deliver such cleverness when approaching the root of the canal (Suez and others).

You've done it again and you might consider putting a dallop of pure alcohol in the tea of the must not overdue.

Cany said...

Bravo. The love of God requires such physical discipline. I suggest more than 100 lashes and surely all offenses, really, should meet with death on the first occasion.

Clearly, with such discipline and death, we can best represent God's love on earth and especially in respect to the love and forgiveness of Christ.

It is obvious that these Sudanese folks really have it going on.