Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bishop Greg Venables: the Stand-up King of Lambeth

All the recent talk about little David Virtue has got my constipation playing up, and nothing puts this Doctrinal Warrior in a foul mood like trouble in my elementals. Fortunately young Bishop Venables must have heard me grumbling, because his interview yesterday afternoon with Pat Ashton from the Church Times has got me laughing harder than Brother Richthofen’s nitrous oxide cylinder.

"Anything we’ve done in the Southern Cone has been temporary and emergency to give people holding ground until there is something far more official and practical." In other words Greg Venables is saying he lured Layperson Schofield into jumping off his purple throne for something only temporary!! I’ll bet he forgot to mention that part to little John-David when he had him sign on the dotted line, don’t you think?

And when you finally catch your breath and stop laughing at that one, Greggie V lays it down again: "my whole aim was to do something short-term." Not as short-term as your friendship with the Episcopalians you talked into throwing away their careers is going to be, Your Grace.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Leonard said...

Yes, Greg is a laugh a minute...you've seen him on Anglican T.V. during his Fresno Command Performance? What a whitty guy, a regular uncle Miltty with a wrong-side-of-town English accent (that I'm sure he fakes in order to seem more like a Joe Blow kind of a guy)...temporary humor for temporary fixes, for quick "hit-and-run" in and out fund gathering "missions" in Canada and the Good Ol' U.S. of A...applause, applause...but, no repeat performances por favor.

Anonymous said...

Surely Mr Veneballs belongs to an ancient Anglican tradition in which wacko clergy 'threaten' to leave unless they can get their own way. (The comfortably-off Anglo-Catholics recently 'threatened' defection over Bishopesses in the CofE, until embracing papal poverty became a terrifying possibility).
+Rowan is far too committed to tired Christian principles. He should tell Veneballs: "Stick ya Cone up your arse!"

PseudoPiskie said...

Surely he wouldn't want to get all those tithes temporarily? Fr C, you need to educate that man.

Cany said...

So, then, did Venables respond to WHY they are trying to take the church property, um permanently, into another province?


I read temporary until a schizmo Church in the U.S. is set up in TEC territory, made up of (they hope) TEC candlesticks and assets, etc.

Yes, temporary until they can figure out a way to rob more permanently?

Actually, I think he is telling the truth... just not the whole truth, in this case.

Sort of sin by omission.