Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Inaugural GAFCON Schism Explained

Since most of my readers are extremely immature Christians, unfamiliar with the intricate blessings of schism and a sectarian spirit, many appear to have fallen into confusion concerning the precise nature of my historic intra-GAFCON schism.

In order to set the record straight, let it be understood that there is no division between my Original and True GAFCON and the FOCAs who recently met in Jerusalem using my GAFCON name under licence. St. Onuphrius’ remains in full Communion with all organisations participating in this historic event save one, the liberal apostates of some kangaroo-and-venomous-snake-infested den of depravity called Sydney who had the gall to refuse me membership of their pathetic little internet forum.

These unbiblical reprobates excluded, I fully support the members and aims of the fine men who ratified the Jerusalem declaration, and still consider myself the lynchpin of this important move to reclaim the right of the Church to exclude those whom God has mistakenly forgiven and accepted. All that’s happened is that two members of the group united in fellowship and common purpose have now sworn to hate each other with all the passion that sexually repressed fundamentalists can muster, but this in no way implies that either of party has ceased to be a part of the great movement of grace that is the global GAFCON phenomena.

Besides, this is just the first of many such divisions, and if a little thing like bitter undying hatred between brothers in Christ was all it took to stop the Jerusalem pilgrims working together then things would have been over long ago. Isn’t it a wonderful thing that Jesus was only speaking metaphorically when he suggested that anyone fellow believer a fool (Matthew 5:22) is in danger of hellfire, whilst when He was teaching on immorality he was speaking literally? How indeed great are the blessings of the Word!

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.

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Anonymous said...

Dr Troll
Yours is certainly one of the Internet's most important websites as it contains everything necessary for salvation.
But forgive my confusion. Are you still the Leader of the Gafconites?
Or have you become a silly foca?